Forensic Psych Services provides assessment and reports on medico-legal issues relating to criminal, civil and family law. We also provide consultancy, clinical supervision and training.

We specialize in assessing individuals in the following areas:


  • gambling-related offending
  • shoplifting / atypical theft offending
  • assisting moneylenders' activities, money-laundering
  • criminal breach of trust, cheating, forgery
  • cybercrimes, misuse of computer
  • capital punishment of drug trafficking and murders
  • drug-related offending (possession, consumption & trafficking; commission of offence while under the influence of drugs)
  • alcohol-related offending (commission of offence while under the influence of alcohol; assault, molest, drink-driving)
  • sex offending (taking "upskirt" photos or videos, outrage of modesty, molest, rape)
  • use of criminal force, assault, voluntarily causing hurt, rash act, affray
  • criminal intimidation, alleged abuse of domestic helpers


  • road traffic accidents / PTSD / depression / traumatic brain injury / mental capacity
  • workplace harassment / fitness for work
  • dissolution of marriage due to mental issues, parental fitness